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Road Traffic Collisions

Civil: If clients have been involved in a road traffic accident which was not their fault or only partly their fault and if they sustained injury or loss, they may be able to claim compensation. In addition to compensation for personal injury, they may be entitled to recover any loss of earnings incurred as a result of the accident, together with other uninsured losses.

Criminal: If clients have been charged by the Police, we will analyse (Police) statements, Police crash investigation reports (calculation verification), summary of evidence, sketch plans, photographs and any other available disclosure and present all the facts within a professionally bound file with separate strategy advice.

We carry out all aspects of Forensic Collision Investigation including:

  • Skid/yaw tyre mark speed calculations/verifications
  • Technical vehicle inspections
  • Motorcycle/Pedestrian conspicuity ('looked but failed to see')
  • Reaction times (drivers' perception-response time)
  • Scene examination (measurements etc)
  • Acceleration and deceleration calculations
  • Sight lines and approaching speeds (time over distance)
  • Momentum calculations
  • Critical curve speed
  • Pedestrian 'throw' calculations
  • Braking and stopping distances (alternatives to Highway Code)
  • Digital stills photographs (day time or night time)
  • Crash scene video footage (sight lines, views, drive-through)
  • Computer sketch plan

We investigate:

  • All types of injury / fatal road traffic collisions
  • Staged crashes, leading to fraudulent claims ("crash for cash")
  • HGV/PCV incidents
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Driver injuries / passenger injuries

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