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Driving Offences

Where clients have been charged with driving offence(s), we are able to carry out a detailed investigation into this charge and report with a professionally bound file to support the case in Court.

  • Section 3A, 2B and 3ZB RTA 1988
  • Dangerous Driving (RTA 1988, Section 2)
  • Careless Driving (RTA 1988, Section 3)
  • Speeding Charges. (RTRA 1984) Radar/VASCAR Speed checks

This file might contain:

  • (Police) Statement Analysis
  • Defence Strategy
  • Scene Examination
  • Sight Lines and Calculations
  • Maps and Sketch Plan
  • Site Measurements
  • Digital Site Photographs/Videos
  • Nighttime photographs (see illustration)

Speeding charges: 
We can conduct a full investigation into Police VASCAR and Radar/Laser Speed-checks and investigate if this speed check has been conducted conform the current ACPO Code of Practice. (Home Office Type approval, annual calibration, Certificate of Accuracy, correct location, VASCAR reference points etc)

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