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Mark Hooghiemstra MInstTA, MAE, Managing Director


1985 – 1990.  Driving / maintenance instructor, Royal Dutch Army, Transport Section.
Military 4x4 off road driving / maintenance instructor, motor cars and heavy goods vehicles.
Civilian driving instructor, motor cars. 

1990 – 2000.  Police Constable and Detective Constable, Dutch Police Force.
Armed emergency response driver and Traffic Specialist.

During my Police career as a Traffic Specialist, I have attended and analysed well over four hundred road traffic collisions, from the daily minor ‘mishaps’ to the more serious multiple injury and fatal accidents, utilising scientific and mathematical principles for their reconstruction.

2005 – present.  Managing Director ,
Aldbar UK Limited, Brechin, Angus.

Forensic collision investigator and road traffic consultant.

I have analysed hundreds of criminal and civil cases for various solicitors throughout Scotland, ranging from Section 1, 2B and fatal Section 3 cases to dangerous/careless driving offences, H.G.V. Tachograph fraud charges and personal injury reparation cases.

In my capacity as an Expert Witness, I have provided evidence within Courts throughout Scotland, including the High Court when called by the Crown, Sheriff and Jury, the Court of Session, Fatal Accident Inquiries and at the Traffic Commissioner’s Office.

Driving Experience              
I have driven a wide variety of vehicles throughout mainland Europe and the UK, from rigid and articulated lorries and tankers to coaches, double decker buses and agricultural tractors and hold a full driving licence in respect of vehicles in categories B, BE, B1, C, CE, D and DE.

I am an IAM advanced motorcar driver and hold an FIA/MSA National ‘B’ Rally Licence.

I am a participant in the Institute of Transport Administration’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme and am the first member to have been awarded a certificate after having successfully completed the full three year cycle of the Institutes’ CPD programme. CPD is widely established in industry and professional institutions. The benefit is the development of personal qualities and the broadening of knowledge and skill


  • Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists
  • Member of Tayside Advanced Motorists
  • Member of and assessed by the Academy of Experts
  • Member of and assessed by the UK Register of Expert Witnesses
  • Member of and assessed by the Institute of Transport Administration
  • Checked by and listed in the Law Society of Scotland Expert Witness Directory


  • Aldbar Limited are licensed users of:
  • AiTS SolvePro, traffic collision calculation program
  • Ai Toolkit, traffic collision calculation program
  • Easy Street Draw, traffic crash illustration program
  • MapPoint and Ordnance Survey, mapping computer programmes
  • Racelogic, electronic vehicle motion measuring equipment


  • 1992: Motorcar skid avoidance (Royal Dutch Automobile Association).
  • 1992: GATSO mobile speed radar operator.
  • 1992: Breath analysis operator.
  • 1993: Road traffic collision investigation.
  • 1994: Vehicle noise level recording.
  • 1994: Toxic and hazardous goods transport.
  • 1994: Analogue tachograph analysis.
  • 1997: Traffic control and management.


  • 2006: Accident Investigation (Training and Development Centre, Manchester)
  • 2007: Accident Investigation (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Edinburgh)
  • 2012: Pedestrian & Pedal Cycle Collisions, including crash testing (aits, Gloucestershire)
  • 2013: Road Safety Policy (Newcastle University - School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences)
  • 2013: Collision Prevention and Reduction (Newcastle University- School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences)
  • 2013: Road Safety Audits (Newcastle University - School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences)
  • 2014: Maths for Collision Investigators (refresher course) - (AiTS, distance learning)


  • 2009: ITAI-EVU International Accident Reconstruction Conference, Birmingham
  • Various lectures (night time driving, visual perception, pedestrian collisions)
  • Workshops (heavy vehicle roll-over, Volvo ‘City-Safe’ anti crash systems)
  • 2011: Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators’ International Conference, Leeds
  • Various lectures (agricultural vehicles, electronic vehicle ‘Event Data Recorders’)
  • Workshops (pedestrian collisions and crash scene photography)
  • 2014: Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators’ International Conference, Solihull
  • Various lectures (visibility from trucks, collision avoidance potential, yaw mark analysis) 
  • 2015: ITAI-EVU International Accident Reconstruction Conference, Edinburgh
  • Various lectures from international speakers: crash prevention systems, visibility at night, lane change manoeuvres and more.

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